Security Guard Job Description

We know that all of us worried about our properties. Similar to us the company owners are also worried about their company’s property or wealth. So it is necessary to watch their property even at night. Thieves and other robbers are waiting for a chance to rob. So it is necessary to watch the property and this job is done by security guard. A security guard is a person who performs the function of protecting the assets of a company or any other organization. These security guards are paid by the company he / she works for. They usually wear a uniform whenever they are on duty and this uniform is provided by the company. They are also known as watch man who always watches the assets or properties of the company. The major duties of a security guard are 1) ensure security of assets and properties of a company or a person by patrolling in the specified area 2) investigate on changes and activate alarms 3) inform police or fire service at the time of any emergency 4) maintain reports on daily activities which includes damage to equipments, any irregularities, 5) keep record of the details of the people visiting the company 6) keep an eye on people who violates the rules and regulations of a company 7) sometimes they may travel along with money and other people as escort. These guards should know to use weapons like gun, knife etc and should use these weapons for self protection.

The major skills of a security guard includes 1) give attention towards the people and other higher authorities and should understand what they are saying 2) know about others reaction and the reason for this reaction 3) good communication skills in order to interact with others in an effective manner 4) should be able to manage time in a proper manner 5) should be aware about one’s own performance. Educational qualification is not a problem for becoming a security guard. But it is necessary to have a security guard license for working as a security guard. They can be promoted to higher position that is they can become a security manager as they become experienced. Most of the candidates are part time workers and they do their job on shift basis. These guards are paid properly for the work they do. The average salary of these security guards is around $35,000. They can live a good life by working as a security guard.