Sergeant Job Description

All countries spend most of their money for defence purpose and this is because everyone is worried about their nation’s protection from their enemy. Military, Navy and Air force help in performing this job in a proper manner. There are different ranks in Navy, Military, and Air force, based on these ranks their job differs. Sergeant is nothing but a rank in military or any police force who would work for their nation. The word sergeant is actually derived from “serviens” which is a Latin word which means “one who serves”. The sergeant rank is available in both navy and military. There are teams of firemen known as squad, these squads are mainly there in military, sergeants help in forming such a group and also heads the squad. The squad mainly consist of four to five men each. In case of Navy these sergeants will be the head of two teams of four members each. Some of the main duties of a sergeant are 1) many complex and routine public safety works are done by these sergeants 2) assigns shift for the members who come under his leadership 3) checks whether the members of the team are maintaining the equipments provided to them 4) should report to their superiors, if there is any problem with the equipments to their men 5) these sergeants provide proper training for the team members. These sergeants are well disciplined and should have excellent leadership skills so that the members under his control can follow his orders.

The main skills that a sergeant should have includes, good communication skills so that they can communicate with their colleagues, should be brave enough to face any kind of problems, should be a good listener so that he / she can listen to what their superiors are saying, good commanding power which help them to control his squad. The candidates who are interested in joining the military or navy as a sergeant should complete his / her degree in any subject. It is a risky job; many of them have to give their life for protecting the nation. The selected candidates will be given training under their superiors. These candidates can only become a sergeant when they are experienced enough, that is they will get promoted on the basis of their experience. These people are serving their nation and people without fearing the enemies.  Experience is not considered for the selection of sergeants. The basic salary of a sergeant varies; experience is the base for this. Generally the average salary of a sergeant is around $60,000 per annum.