Service Technician Job Description

People always depend on different companies for products which is required for doing various functions. So these people will have to depend on these companies for clearing their doubts regarding the product and also consult with the company if any problem occurs. There are many kinds of service technicians which include Customer service technician, Field service technician, and auto service technician. These service technicians concentrate on different work. Now let us check the customer service technician. Customer service technicians are people who help in clearing the doubts of the customer about a product of a company. Anyone who is good in communication can join this field. All the companies have customer service technician. As explained earlier the basic duty of this technician is to provide necessary information regarding the products or any other services provided by a company. These technicians are employed in different types of companies, which include telephone service provider and banks. They should possess certain skills and the most important one among this is good communication skills which enables them to communicate with the customers. They need to be friendly with the customers. They should clear the customer’s doubt in an easy language so that they can easily grasp what the technician is saying.

It is necessary to complete the high school diploma in order to become a customer service technician. But in recent days companies are preferring people who has completed their degree courses in subjects like business, computer and even in languages i.e. English. These candidates who are selected as technician, is given proper training under the control of highly experienced candidates. Most of the companies prefer experienced candidates to join their venture. The chances in this field are increasing daily and more number of people is selected as customer service technician. It is considered to increase in the coming years. These candidates are also paid properly. The average salary of a customer service technician is around $25,000.

Now let us check the field service technician. It is necessary to correct if any damages are caused to a product. So a field service technician is a person who travels to the destination for repairing the product. These technicians may be employed by a company which produce a particular product or works with a team of repairmen. Educational qualification is not a problem when considering the selection criteria. These people should have good technical knowledge about the products and should have good working experience. The average salary for these technicians is around $45,000