Setting Strong Goals and procedures to attain it

Every person has their own aspiration to do something. In order to attain one’s aspirations a person must follow a procedure and also put it in practise too. The procedure includes understanding one’s aim and then making it more efficient. It is required that one must be able to start it with a small range. If a person has a definite purpose or aim then he can execute the steps required for it and then he can make out the outcome of his effort. Once a person has set his purpose then he can make choices easily on the basis of information he has. Practiced Management was a book which was published in the year 1954 whose author was Peter ducker. The term MBO in that book stood for Management by Objectives. It speaks about the effortless and the constructive procedures that can help to fulfill the obligations of a person in business. One can even apply these procedures in his personal plan too. Normally there exist five steps in MBO.

The objective of a person must always be defined. It is always advisable that a person thinks of achieving a particular at a time instead of going after numerous aims. If a person has many aspirations at a time then he would just find it very difficult or just impossible to achieve any of the objectives. Hence must be very definite with regard to want he wants to achieve and then he would be able to give his complete concentration as well as interest to it. One must be very sincere towards his objective. There exist several things which are tangible and those which are not tangible. Tangible things can easily be measured while it is very difficult to gauge things which are not tangible. If a person wants to measure the service provided by a group of people then he would find it difficult to do so. But at the same time the rate of the efficiency of the service provided by the group can be measured by the number of complaints received. Based on the number of work the employees have done can be used to gauge the work done in an office. Different situations can be quantified by evaluating the speed with which the backing was made available to a person. An objective statement can be made by using some specific words. A person must develop an objective which can be achieved by him.  He must be able to achieve his objective with the existing resources that are able to provide him with enough knowledge.

A person must always develop an objective which is more practical. It should not be something which cannot be related to the real life. Sometimes it happens that a person would find it difficult to achieve his objective within a limited time. It may take him to spend too much of time for getting the result. Though some people find it practically impossible to attain their objective but by a lot of hard work they may get it after a long time. If the objective of a person is just a dream which is practically not possible then working on it in order to achieve it would be a mere wasting of one’s time and effort. On the way of attaining such a dream objective the person may come across only disappointment and dissuasion. The objective chosen must be able to have an outcome. If an objective does not have any kind of result at the end then such an objective does not have meaning in it.

A person would be able to anticipate from an objective only if the objective is defined plainly, that is, without any doubt. If the outcome of an objective is given emphasis then a person can make out as to his objective would work out. Thus the importance and the efficiency of an objective can be determined from the result it is going to give. The person must also be able to determine as to whether his objective would help him to be successful. He must also understand whether his goal would be useful to him in any ways. An objective would be of no use if it takes too long for its achievement. There must always a limit in achieving one’s goal. The delay in achieving an objective shows that how ineffectual it was. If a person is able to achieve his objective within a prescribed time then he would indeed bring him an immense happiness and satisfaction. Hence if a person is able to determine and achieve his objective within a restricted time then one can without a doubt say that his objective was a real and significant objective which would prove to be valuable and meaningful to all those who were associated in attaining such an objective. If any kind of prospect or potency was gained by the person on his way of achieving his goal then he can follow it too. But it may sometimes increase the time span of the objective. A person can be stimulated to high attainments only if he has thriving objective.