Should You Apply for a Job directly to the Company without Seeing any advertisements?

Once a person decides to shift to a new job he starts searching for new jobs. He depends on different sources like internet, employment section of local newspapers, etc for getting information about various jobs that are available in his neighborhood and also in abroad. When the person finally finds out the type of job or jobs which can give him sufficient possibility for opportunities he forwards his resumes and applications to those respective companies. These are cases where a person submits his resume and applications to the publicized jobs through different media. There are people who also apply to jobs for which no information are available as to whether they are taking into services any employees or not. It would always be better for such people to know certain things before they apply for such jobs. A person can submit his resumes to such companies basically in two different methods.

It is observed that in this modern world most of the companies have their online websites which provide a mailing address for the company to which the persons who are opting for a job submit their resumes. Even people are there who get the mailing addresses of such companies and either mail their resumes or hand over it directly to the company. There exist many advantages attached to the non-advertised jobs. Submitting one’s resumes to such non advertised jobs would naturally give the person an opportunity to consider his resume first in case of any vacancies therein. There are companies which fill their vacancies on the basis of the applications received through the advertisements they have made. But at the same time there exist companies who pick the candidates from the already got resumes and applications.  Hence if one has already sent his resume and application then there are most chances of his being picked up for that post of vacancy without even giving advertisements for that post. Such companies may be impressed with the candidates on their thought of sending the resume and application to their company. This it self gives the company a good impression of that particular candidate for his being interested in their company.

Even though there are many advantages of doing so there exist several disadvantages too. Some companies may take such an attitude of the candidate as a proposal but there are chances that others may take the resumes and applications as a junk mail. There are other disadvantages too.  When a person sends his resume and application to the company he cannot be sure of the time as to when he could be called for an interview. Thus there is no guarantee with respect to the time of call interview. Here in this case the probability of the application to be accepted or rejected remains the same. That is the person cannot be sure as to whether his application be accepted by that particular company or not. He may get his call for the interview very soon or may even get it after a long duration. The response to such resumes or application submitted need not be speedy. Hence in such cases it is the person who is hunting for a better job who has to determine whether he must send his resumes or applications to companies who have given advertisements for the job vacancies therein or to the companies which have not mentioned through any of the advertisements regarding any vacancies in their company. A prudent judgment must be taken by such persons. Therefore it is highly important that prior to making any decision the person must look into the different aspects related to such things.