Social Studies Teacher Job Description

Children learn many good things from school and teachers. These teachers will help the children to make a good character and thus they can set a good life in future. Social studies is an important subject which needs to be studied by each and every student. The person who conducts classes on this subject is known as a social studies teacher. The main duty of this teacher is to conduct classes for these students, but by conducting classes these teachers will help the students to know about world history, our culture and also about the geographical features of the world and about the rights of a citizen. These all are important for setting up a good tomorrow. The main responsibilities of a social studies teacher are 1) conducts classes on history, geography, social studies, law and economics as per the board 2) conducts certain activities like group discussions, debates and other programs on current affairs and other social matters 3) helps in developing an idea of contribution of racial, religious and political groups to the nations culture 4) monitor the students, whether they are interested in studies or not and take necessary actions for correcting it 5) keep records of details of student 6) participate in extracurricular activities 7) discuss the progress of students with parents during the parents teachers meeting 8) helps the student to become aware about the complexity and inter-relation of state, national and world problems 9) provides information regarding the culture and political situations in other countries 10) conducts tests on the subject in order to check the performance of the student.

It is not easy to become a successful teacher. There are some skills which make them an excellent teacher. Good communication skills will help these teachers to communicate effectively with the students, good listening skills make the teachers to listen to the students and other colleagues, good commanding power which makes the student to obey their teachers, good time management which help the teachers to finish syllabus within the prescribed time period, these are the skills which help a social studies teacher to excel in their job. The candidates are selected on the basis of educational qualification. A person who holds a degree in any related subjects can become a social studies teacher. Some schools prefer candidates with teaching experience. School managements are providing good salary for the teachers. The average salary of a social studies teacher is around $50,000 and this may vary on the basis of experience them posses.