Social Worker Job Description

There are many people who are facing crisis in our society. So it is necessary to support these people. A person who helps such kind of people is known as a social worker. They work for the welfare of communally expelled people. These social workers help the people facing crisis by providing support to them. There are social work assistants who support the social workers and help in performing their function in a proper manner. These social workers deal with different kinds of people and this include 1) people with mental problems 2) drunkards and drug abusers 3) handicapped people and people with learning problems 4) people without any home 5) old people. Main duties of a social worker are 1) cases are prioritized on the basis of its importance 2) collect clear idea about the situation by contacting the client 3) he conducts counseling and other financial support for the clients who are approaching them 4) keep records of his client for further proceedings 5) they also form a partnership relation with other social agency, so that they can fulfill the needs of their clients.

We have seen the duties of the Social worker and they should have certain skills to do their job. The skills are good interpersonal skills, which help them to mingle with the people and can easily identify the situation prevailing in a particular area, good communication skills which help them to communicate effectively with the people who are facing crisis, should be able to tackle any situation of crisis, and should be capable of treating large number of cases. A person who had completed bachelor’s degree can get into an entry level job. This degree should be in subjects like social work, sociology and psychology. More jobs will be opened to a candidate if he / she complete his/her master’s degree in any of the subject which was mentioned earlier. Those who are interested in teaching should have a doctorate in social works.

These workers work for many government organizations. The role of social workers is very important for the development of a country. So, more opportunities are there for the people who are interested in this. There are some organizations where these social workers need to register, one such organization is General Social Care Council (GSCC). This organization will help in training these social workers. The average salary paid for these social workers is about $45,000.