Software Architect Job Description

Software architect is a person who selects designs for the software developers. These software architects mainly work in information technology sector. The main aim of the software architect is to gain the information from the clients and effectively communicate with the software development team. They help in satisfying the needs of their clients. These software architects have good knowledge about the software development activities performed by their employer. These software architects oversee the working of the software development team. They mainly oversee monitoring research, full life-cycle of the software development cycle, reviewing codes, and supervising the testing process. The main responsibilities of these software architect are 1) identify the proper software architecture based on requirements and design factors 2) they head the review process for software architecture documents 3) they seek the help of visual designers in order to improve the consistency 4) check and report the problems related to the designed software 5) work to develop as per the client’s needs 6) should keep the record of all the data and should report the progress to the senior management. They should also possess some skills for working as a Software architect and this include 1) the person should be capable of working independently or in a group 2) should have the ability to analyze and solve the problems which will lead to his success 3) should update his knowledge along with the changing trends in this field 4) good communication skills which enable them to explain about the details of the software to the clients 5) good listening skills enable these software architect to listen to the client’s needs and work on the basis of these skills.

A person who is planning to join as a software architect should complete courses or any formal programs conducted by colleges and schools. They get the diploma degree after the completion of this course. Most companies prefer candidates who are having a four year bachelor’s degree. Experience is a major selection criterion; candidates with work experience will be given more preference than the fresh candidates. Colleges and schools are conducting campus selection programs for selecting the people for the job. Opportunities in this sector will be published in newspaper and websites. Surveys show that there will be an increase by 38 percent through 2016. These software architects get good pay for the work they do. The average salary of a software architect is around $100,000 per annum.