Solution Architect Job Description

We know that information technology is a fast growing sector and more opportunities are there n this sector. Solution architect is an IT professional who help in designing networks, computer systems and user interface for a company or any other organizations. These solution architects should have good knowledge about all the technical knowledge rather than focusing on a particular area. He / she should understand the needs of the customer and design computers and other network systems on the basis of these needs. They mainly perform functions like analysis and planning, system and network modelling. Once the designing process is finished, the solution architects give the remaining work in the hands of network developers, hardware and they will help in the successful implement this design. These solution architects also check that whether a project is completed within the specified period of time. Solution architects provide guidance and take necessary decisions regarding the alterations required for the design process.

Some of the duties of a solution architect include 1) they should understand the needs of their clients and help his / her colleagues to create the product on the basis of their needs 2) they help in reducing the complexity of the system and makes it manageable 3) they will have to work closely with the higher levels of management 4) they will have to take decision even at critical situations 5) he should make an impact on his colleagues and encourage them to work hard 6) they set certain objectives and works hard for attaining it. As all other Information technology professionals these solution architect should also possess some skills for performing their job in a better way. These skills include 1) good communication skills which allows them to communicate effectively with others 2) should have the ability to influence others and encourage them to work 3) good listening skills is also necessary.

There are many people who would like to become solution architecture. A person who had completed his/ her bachelor’s degree, either in Information technology or in computer science, can apply for this job. Proper certification is another important factor which is taken into consideration at the time of selection. There is an increase in opportunities in this field and more number of people is getting selected in this field. Companies are providing good salary for these solution architects. The average salary paid for a solution architect is around $110,000 per annum.