Sous Chef Job Description

We know that there are many hotels and restaurants all around the world. People mainly depend on such hotels for having their food. A person called as the chef prepares food for the people. Sous chef is a person who is under the control of the executive chef in a kitchen. Sous is a French word which means under, so this is a person who mainly monitor the working of other staffs working in a kitchen. In the absence of such an executive chef then the sous chef takes over the control and check the working of other staff members. Sous chefs mainly concentrate on food production and other daily operations taking place in a kitchen. These sous chefs concentrate on checking the quality of the food, and also maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen. This is not an easy job; most of the people think that working as a sou chef is a simple task. But working as sous chef is a stressful job, they need to stand on their feet for longer period of time. These chefs are exposed to both extreme hot and extreme cold conditions. They are also exposed to toxic gases and smokes which may cause hazardous diseases and can be fatal.

The main duties of a chef include 1) preparation of good and healthy food for the customers 2) should know the preparation of all kinds of foods like Italian, Chinese, French etc 3) control the working of other staffs in the kitchen 4) checks whether the food is of good quality 5) menu planning is also done by these chef. Candidates who are interested in becoming a chef should complete his/her school diploma. They should also get a proper license for becoming a sous chef. Most of them do certain courses like hotel management and other related courses in order to become a chef. They should also possess certain skills to become a good chef and they are 1) good communication skills 2) good knowledge in math 3) preference given to quality service 4) should have good knowledge about the training techniques 5) two years of work experience in food preparation. There is a sudden rise in opportunities in this field due to the advancement of new hotels and other restaurants. The average salary for these chefs is around $ 40,000 per annum and this may increase to $65,000 as their experience increases.