Speech Pathologist Job Description

Main reason for speech production by a human is due to phonation. Phonation is a process which helps the vocal folds to produce certain sounds. There are many people who are having problems with speaking and swallowing. Speech pathologists are those who help people with communication and swallowing disorders.  They help the people to produce proper sound, fluency in language and speech. These problems related with speech are caused due to some reasons like mental retardation, emotional problems, brain problems and cerebral palsy. Basic duties of a speech pathologist are 1) evaluate the condition of the patient and treat them on the basis of this assessment 2) they create reports which will be submitted to the physician 3) participates in many educational programs 4) should know about the modern trends and developments in treatments 5) should attend staff meetings 6) should show interest in professional and personal growth.

These speech pathologists should possess certain skills which will help them to do their job in a proper manner. These skills include 1) should be able to explain, teach and demonstrate swallowing and speech rehabilitation measures 2) work with other people and should interact with them in a proper manner 3) should have good examination skills so that they can easily examine the patient and should interpret the cause of the problem 4) computer skills is also a mandatory factor for becoming a speech therapist. Most of these speech pathologists work for 40 hours a week. They usually work in an office atmosphere but in some cases they will have to travel distances for treating their patients. These pathologists should be physically fit since they will have to stand, walk and sit throughout the day. There are some criteria for becoming a speech pathologist, one of the most important among such criteria is educational qualification. People should have proper educational qualification for becoming a speech pathologist. One should complete his / her master’s degree in speech-language pathology for becoming a speech pathologist. These candidates should be properly licensed by the respective government for working as a speech pathologist. The chances or opportunities in this field are increasing daily and more number of people with the desired qualifications is getting placed. These pathologists mainly work in hospitals, schools and offices. All these sectors require the service of pathologists, this cause more number of vacancies. Average salary of a speech pathologist is around $ 70,000 per annum. This shows that people are getting good salary from this job.