Steeplejack Job Description

There are many large buildings all around the world. These buildings may be 100 floored or may be more than that. So it is a difficult job to protect these buildings from lightning and can cause many disasters if it is not properly built. It is necessary to take necessary actions for protecting these buildings. A steeplejack is a person who helps in performing such jobs. A steeplejack is also known as lightning conductor engineer. These people perform functions like repair and maintenance of large buildings and industrial chimneys which is at great height. These steeplejacks mainly use ladders for measuring and repairing these structures. But now a day they use ropes for performing their job. some of the duties of a steeplejack are 1) replacing roof glass 2) they help in installing conductors which will help in protecting building from lightning 3) they also perform masonry works 4) structures are painted by these steeplejacks 5) check for damages in buildings. We have seen the major duties of a steeplejack and now let us check the skills which a steeplejack should possess. This include 1) good experience in using tools and other equipments 2) should have good sense of balance 3) should not be afraid of heights 4) should have good listening power.

Educational qualification is not a necessary criterion for becoming a steeplejack. None of the companies are looking for candidates who have completed their graduation. So this is a field where people with low educational qualification can show their skills and experience. All major companies are looking for candidates who have got the experience in doing these job and such candidates can excel in this field. These steeplejacks should be physically fit in order to perform jobs like climbing ladders, lifting weight of 50 pounds, transverse rough terrain and to move heavy objects. Surveys have shown that developed countries are building large number of high buildings and for working with these buildings the need for steeplejack is very necessary. So the chances for these people are increasing daily. Most of the companies are preferring candidates with two years of experience in related fields. The average salary of a steeple jack is good enough to live a better life. This salary for a steeplejack is around $40,000 per annum. Even though it is a risky more people are working in this field which shows us the demand for this job.