Store Keeper Job Description

Customers usually depend on retail shops for purchasing items food items, clothing and other things. A retail shop is the place where goods are available and they keep their goods in store rooms. A store keeper is a person who controls such retail shop and works for satisfying the customers. They work for the smooth functioning of a retail shop. They control other workers in the shop. They check whether there is enough space in the store for keeping the products. Other workers working in such an establishment is selected by the store keeper. They keep a good relation with the customers. Even long term relations are kept between the customers and store keeper, which will make the customer to purchase products from the store. The basic duties of duties of a store keeper are 1) keep records of supplies 2) store these products in a hygienic place 3) release the products and equipments 4) monitor the supply regularly 5) check for damage in products and such products are taken away from the store.

We have seen the basic duties of a store keeper now let us check the basic skills required by a store keeper. They should have good leadership quality so that they can control other workers, good communication skills will help them to communicate effectively with his colleagues and other customers, should posses certain work ethics which make them do their job in a proper way, knowledge in math will help them a lot in their job, maintain good relation with the customers. These store keepers should be a good motivator so that their workers will follow them in achieving their goals. They listen to the customers and always check the complaints from the customer and if such complaints are prevailing then he/ she should try to correct it.

The basic requirements for becoming a store keeper are, complete his/ her high school diploma should have an experience of one year, and people with managerial skills can easily get this job. It is clear that customers will be always depending on these stores, so the chances for store keepers will be increasing as year passes by. Surveys have shown that there will be an increase in chances for this job by 6% in 2018. The pay scale varies on the basis of responsibilities and experience. The average salary of a storekeeper varies from $30,000 to $50,000 per annum.