Surgical Technician Job Description

We know that surgeons and other doctors carry out many surgeries for treating their patients. It is not possible to perform the entire job by the doctor itself. There are nurses and other surgical technicians to support the doctor to carry out the surgery. Surgical technicians are people who support the surgeons and nurses during any medical actions. They are also known as scrubs, surgical technologists or operating technician. They mainly work in the operating room and support other members during an operation. These surgical technicians are supervised by the surgeons. The basic duties of a surgical technician include 1) supplies equipments in the operating room 2) should check and count the instruments before and after the surgery 3) sterile dressings are prepared 4) hand the desired equipments to the surgeon during operation 5) should clean these equipments after the operation 6) help in transferring the patients to recovery room 7) arrange the sterile table before the operation. These are some of the duties of a surgical technician.

Most of these surgical technicians work in office but under some situation they will be working in doctor’s office or in any health care facilities. Some of the personal skills help them to excel in their job. These skills include 1) good communication skills which will help them to communicate with their colleagues in an effective way 2) good listening skills which help them to understand what a surgeon is saying even at the middle of an operation 3) good knowledge about the equipment and instruments used for operations 4) good time management which help them to arrange the sterile tables and equipments before the operation. There is hike in the opportunities in this field and more candidates are getting placed. Surveys show that there will be an increase in opportunities by 25% at the end of 2018. So it is clear that more candidates will be placed as surgical technician. Educational qualification is a necessary criterion for becoming a surgical technician. A person should complete his /her surgical tech degree. The duration of these technical programs is between 9-12 months. Most of the hospitals prefer candidates with experience in any of the related fields. These candidates are paid well by the hospital authority. The average salary for these surgical technicians is around $ 55,000 per annum. So a person can live a good life by becoming a surgical technician. This salary may vary for different people and this is based on the experience they possess.