Surveyor Job Description

Each and everyone own land and other property. It is compulsory to take the measurement of the area owned by a person and a boundary is made for his / her land in order to separate his/her plot from other area. This process of measuring is carried out by the surveyors and they help in finding the boundary of a particular property. Measuring land areas is not the only job of a surveyor, they also performs various other jobs like they provide necessary information regarding gravitation, location, contour, and shape of a land area. These surveyors use different kinds of equipments like spirit levels, measuring tapes and tripod stands. They visit areas where they are planning to perform their job. They keep detailed data regarding the features of the area where they are planning to conduct their studies.

The main duties of a surveyor include 1) checks the accuracy of his data and observations which includes measurements and other calculations 2) prepare legal description of surveys, maps and sketches 3) property lines, depths, relative positions and heights are calculated by them 4) legal boundaries for plots are made by conducting surveys on those areas by these surveyors 5) keeps record of all the details he had collected 6) search survey records, land titles and legal records in order to obtain necessary information regarding the plot. The basic skills required by these surveyors are 1) good knowledge in math so that he can do the calculations very easily 2) good listening skills so that he can easily understand what others are saying 3) should adjust with others action that is should have good coordination skills 4) should finish his work within the specified period of time.

The candidates who are interested in becoming a surveyor should complete any related courses. There are technical schools and colleges for providing such training for these candidates. These candidates can complete one year diploma course in surveying from these schools and colleges or else they can complete two year degree course for becoming a surveyor. Surveys have shown that there will be a hike of 20 percent in opportunities for this job by the end of 2018. This shows us that the opportunity for this job is increasing daily and more candidates are getting placed in this field. These surveyors get good salary for the work they do. The average salary of a surveyor is around $60,000 per annum.