Switchboard Operators Job Description

Each and every company will employee one or more people for handling the phone calls receiving and connects it to the respective line. A person who performs such a job is known as a switchboard operator. In earlier days these switch board operators were working with manual switch boards where they will have to insert the phone plugs to the respective jacks in order to connect the call. These switchboard operators are people who use switchboards to hold, connect, transfer and disconnect calls. They also provide proper information to the customers or else they will connect the call to appropriate people who could help the customers to clear their problem. Some of the major duties of a switchboard operator are 1) they need to attend the calls 2) they should know, which all staffs are available so than when they receive a call they can easily forward it to the respective person 3) they should keep records by entering information regarding the received calls 4) they need to perform reception tasks and other duties like maintaining data 5) they should concentrate on personal development so that they could improve their skills. Talking about skills they should know how to use telephone and the switch boards, good communication skills will help them to communicate with the clients in an effective manner, good listening skills will help them in understanding what the clients say, computer skills is a necessary factor for becoming a switch board operator, they should show interest in solving the customer’s problem.

A person who is willing to become a switchboard operator should complete their high school diploma from a qualified institution. Most of the companies prefer candidates with experience in call centre jobs or any other related jobs. A communication skill is an important criterion and companies prefer candidates with good communication skills. As we check the condition of this job, it is a declining job and less number of people is selected as switchboard operators. 6the introduction of new technologies and automated phone systems are the key reason for this decline. Surveys shows that there were around 180,000 switch board operators in United States in the year 2008 but it has started declining and will reach around 160,000 by the next few years. So, candidates do not show interest in becoming a switch board operator. The average salary for these switchboard operators is around $30,000 per annum.