Teacher Job Description

Teachers perform the function of providing knowledge to their students. This is a social work and not projected for money. There are mainly two types of teaching jobs that is teaching in Primary school and teaching in secondary school level. So we can say that there are primary school teachers and secondary school teachers. First of all, let us have a brief idea about the primary school teachers. Primary school teacher works on the basis of the curriculum provided to them by the school authorities or by the respective university. Good relation exists between the teachers and their students. They play a vital role in moulding the character of the pupil studying under his/her control. They help their students to know about the basic things. Teachers conduct test which will help the teacher to asses his/her students. There are different stages of teaching and this include 1) foundation stage – At this stage they deal with nursery students, 2) key stage 1 3) key stage 2. Foundation stage and key stage1 comes under lower primary section while the key stage 2 is under upper primary.  Parent teacher meetings are conducted to give feedback about their children’s performance. They should also help their students to identify and develop their inborn talents. The school teachers should have the commanding power for controlling their students. They have to be dynamic and should be ready to support their students. Special consideration is given to the weak students and special classes are conducted for such students. They should communicate with students and should help them to excel in their studies.

The jobs of secondary school teachers are difficult when compared with the primary teachers. This is because they will have to deal mainly with teenage students. They help the students to study and also monitor their performance. They should know the changes in the syllabus and should prepare for classes accordingly. Teachers should keep the record of student’s progress. The primary teacher should have a Bachelor’s degree on any trade and must have experience in the preferred subjects. Newly selected candidates have smaller pay scale, there is continuous increment in their pay as days go on. Proper training courses are available for the candidates who are planning to join teaching. After getting the training they can start working for any accredited school. The school managements always prefer experienced teachers to control the students. Experienced teachers have got the talent to know the problems of students. The school teachers should have the commanding power for controlling their students.