Technician Job Description

Technicians are those people who help in the proper functioning of laboratory matters. There are different types of laboratories and this includes 1) Chemistry laboratory, 2) Physics laboratory 3) biology laboratory and 4) life science laboratory. They mainly perform the functions like testing, measuring, sampling, and recording the data obtained from the test. They are the key reasons for the proper working of the labs. They always works for the safety and security of the laboratory since dangerous and flammable materials are being used in such kind of laboratories. They also work as a member of the team performing some research, which would lead to the development in medical and other fields.

Basic activities performed by a lab technician include 1) should obtain correct and accurate data as the result of a laboratory test 2) should perform his routine jobs in a proper manner 3) should prepare samples and specimens for carrying out the experiments 4) should use only standard equipments like pipette, centrifuges and pH meters 5) recording the results for the senior members of the team 6) need to use computers and other calculating machines  for obtaining the results 7) make sure that the safety of the lab is maintained. Sometimes the works of these technicians depend on the organisations they work for.

The basic criteria for the entry of a person as a lab technician include good knowledge in subjects like mathematics, physics, medical science, horticulture science and agricultural science. A degree in any science trade can be considered as a criterion for the selection as a Technician. Proper training is obtained by the candidates during their course of job, but it is compulsory to provide training on 1) first aid 2) safety and health procedures 3) first aid. Most of the technicians are under the control of scientist, senior technician and administrative supervisor. The chances in this profession are improving at faster rate. There is provision for   providing promotion people who are working as a technician. This promotion is provided on the basis of experience they are having.  Every sector with laboratories provides openings for the people who are interested in becoming a technician. Many industries, hospitals, study and enlightening institutions requires technicians. Many food producing, cosmetics, and plastic manufacturing companies require the service of these technicians for the smooth performance of their industry. Drinking water producing companies requires technicians for testing the water samples. So the above details show that the technicians required in various sectors is much more than the available technicians.