Telemarketer Job Description

Purchasing a product or service of a company by the people is required for the existence of the company. There should be provision for the people to know about the basic features of the product before they purchase it. So a telemarketer helps the people to know about the products. Telemarketer is a person who performs the function of selling products and other services of a company strictly through telephones. The main functions of telemarketer include 1) Telemarketers provide information regarding the products, simply by reading a script containing the specifications of the product provided by the company and making the people to purchase the product 2) they need to contact business groups for selling the products of the company 3) they should clear the doubts of people regarding the products and its price 4) he should keep a record the basic information of the people who are interested in the products and those who purchase the products 5) telemarketer arrange meetings between the sales representatives and the people who are interested in the product.

When educational qualification is taken into consideration, one should complete his/her high school education for becoming a telemarketer. In some cases, many companies prefer degree holders for doing the telemarketing job. The selected candidates are provided with training under the control of experienced people. The training period of this job extends from six months to one year. The basic skills which a person should have in order to become a telemarketer includes 1) they should have good ability to listen to the people 2) they should speak in good and simple language, so that the people can easily understand what he/she is telling 3) telemarketers should have the ability to influence the people through their speech 4) they should be capable of reading and understanding the scripts given to them by the company and 5) he should not waste time, that is he should properly manage time.

As we check the past years we can find that there is a decline in opportunities in this field. But people having the above skills can apply for this job. It will be an interesting job for those who are interested in mingling with people. Even though the chances are declining, there is a sudden hike in the pay scale of the telemarketer. So a person makes a good life by joining the telemarketing industry and can obtain sufficient money from it.