Telemetry Nurse Job Description

People who are in critical condition are always monitored in intensive care unit. They may be suffering from diseases like cardiac arrests and other fatal diseases. So, after passing through the critical conditions they are discharged from the intensive care. But it is necessary to monitor these people even after they are released from the intensive care unit, for this purpose there are nurses known as telemetry nurse. We can say that these are nurses who monitor the patient who has just came out or released from the intensive care unit. These nurses will have to check for any physical distress or changes in the patients. The main jobs of these telemetry nurses are 1) they should provide proper medicines for these patients 2) should check the blood and other fluids from the patient in order to find the condition of the patient 3) ask their relatives to support him to face the problems 4) check the level of pain of patient and take necessary actions for reducing it 5) should keep the record of the patient’s medicines and changes found in them 6) properly use equipments and other devices and store it in a proper manner 7) should provide care on the basis of their needs i.e. if they are dealing with an old person then they need to provide care as per the patient 8) attend seminars for improving their knowledge about nursing. Most of the cases they usually deal with cardiac patients and they study how to analyze electrocardiogram results and works on the basis of these analysis. These telemetry nurses help the doctors by becoming a substitute for these doctors up to some extent.

The above said are the various functions of these nurses. The basic skills of the nurse include listening skills, monitoring skills, speaking skills, understanding skills. The basic educational qualification of a telemetry nurse is that they should complete bachelor’s degree or diploma course. They should also clear an examination for getting the license. They can only write the exam if they have the bachelor’s or diploma degree. They should be capable to lift minimum of 25 pounds. They need to carry the patients from one place to another. So they should be physically fit for performing these jobs. Hospitals require telemetry nurses for the proper functioning of their hospital, so there are opportunities for telemetry nurses. Even though it is a social work these nurses have a good pay scale for the job they do.