Teller Job Description

Banks helps the people in many ways. Teller is a person who works in a bank. He mainly greets the people coming to the bank and also performs daily transaction. The customers get their money from the teller. These tellers perform identification process and if approved will give the money to the respective person. They should serve the customers and they should try to excel at this. They should be aware about the money available in his drawers and should know to count the change. Most of the banks are having devices for checking the signature in checks but some case they need to verify the signature by themselves before providing the money. They should provide right and necessary information regarding the procedures for taking a loan or mortgages.

The main duties and responsibilities of a teller include 1) enter the details of the customer, details regarding their transaction, into computers 2) count the coins, currency and checks by using their hand or else can use counting machines for this 3) pay the money for the checks submitted by the customers by verifying the signature 4) check the currency and coins in their drawer before the end of the shift 5) prepare and check cashier’s checks 6) correct problems of customer for example problems relating to customer’s accounts 7) sort and file checks and other slips. These are the responsibilities of a teller; now let us check with the skills required by the teller. 1) Should be a good listener so that they can listen to the needs of customers and can provide necessary information 2) should have the ability to speak with the customer 3) should manage time properly 4) help others to do something 5) should be excellent in maths 6) should be capable of reading and understanding the documents related to their job.

College degree is not required for becoming a bank teller but should complete hi high school studies. He should complete a two year associate course in finance, math and business. Some people who are fluent in foreign language can also apply for this job. There are some schools which provide training for the candidates to become teller. Surveys have shown that there will be an increase in chances as teller by 6% at the end of 2018. The average salary of the teller is around $ 30,000 per annum. So those who are interested to serve people and good at math can apply for this job.