The Academic Job Search Handbook [Paperback] by Julia Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong – Book Review

If you are looking for a job in academic field this handbook is a perfect pick. If you are looking for a new faculty job or searching job after a break or wants to make a change from the existing job, this book will serve the need of all the class of job seekers. For youngsters who are planning to pursue a career in academic stream this book will be of great help in starting the preparation at very early stage and offer a strong candidature for the positions from the very first interview itself. This book has touched the teaching theories and philosophies which may help in the academic job seeker’s in a long way. This book will helps in finding an answer whether to take up a job as faculty or in academic stream. Don’t be disappointed if you are unable to find a faculty job. This book speaks on various non faculty job opportunities available in academic field. The book has also thrown light on the new avenues in academic field which has come up with the development in science and technology.

All the practical information necessary for applying for job and appearing for interview in this field is elaborately discussed. The author has covered topics like when to apply, where to apply, the best format or essentials of a good resume, checklist before attending interview to negotiating with the employer for remuneration. The author has also touched topics like what costume to be wore in interviews, how to address some irrelevant questions and how to stay cool during the entire interview process. The bulk of the book is general discussion on academic job openings but the author has included job specific information like jobs in science and humanities stream. The advance methods of taking interviews were also covered. The book has suggested ways to control the anxiety and fear which stick with all the preparations. Some problems in personal front of job seeker’s is also discussed like job search for a pregnant lady, the kind of jobs suitable job for young parents and advantages and disadvantages of couples in same field particular to academic field. The discussion is not limited to entry level jobs. This book can be used as a handbook for searching a job in academic field at any stage and even post doctoral jobs. Academic field is under more competition than any other field. The pressure before and after getting a job is more or less same in this field. The book will be of great help in coping up with the new work atmosphere and handling the newly assigned responsibilities. This problem will give the new job seeker a clear scenario of academic field. The most common practical problems faced by job seeker’s before and after starting an academic career. This book is very close to reality as the author has wrote this book keeping in view the specific things which is particular to academic field.