The Google Resume: How to Prepare for a Career and Land a Job at Apple, Microsoft, or Any Top Tech Company By Gayle Laakmann McDowell – Book Review

The book is coming straight from a person who has hands on experience of hiring process with some of the technology giants. There are many job seeker’s who applies in Google, Microsoft and Apple never called up for interview and some people who attended interview but not shortlisted wondering for the reasons of rejection. This book will give an idea of resume evaluation process, initial screening process and the prominent characteristics expected by this technology gaints.  The ladder to this companies are not always hard work or academic excellence but some smart moves which makes you stand apart in a crowd of job seeker’s. The author who was a part of hiring team of some of the top technical companies gives a close picture of the hiring process and employer’s expectation from the employee. This book has covered the whole topic from the perspective of a recruiter and guides the candidate, how to prepare themselves to meet the expectation level of the recruiter of reputed Companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft. This book will help in inculcating the skills necessary to emerge as a strong competitor for other job seekers from a very young stage.  The book contains interesting and elaborate discussion on hiring procedure followed in leading companies.

The book has thrown light on different areas on which many of the famous writers on this subject kept silent, fields like hobbies, extracurricular activities in one’s resume. The book also discusses the kind of experience which will give you an extra mile when competing with millions of candidate who strives to get a job in these leading companies. A good resume gives a good start always. The Google Resume will definitely guide you in presenting yourself in a very impressive way citing your personal strengths and highlighting your professional experience. This book will guide the job seeker to how to relate with the resume and present effectively to the employer in the interview. This book will be a boon to young job seekers as this will guide to take the right path like kind of training, internships, workshops which will be given preference by the recruiter of the technology giants. This book caters the need of attending an interview for a tech job from the resume making, its online submission and preparation of interview depending upon the position applied and the discussion on commonly made mistakes in interviews. This book is very rich in content but very simple and easy to follow and implement. The author has given concrete information in each chapter. There is not a single instance of beating around the bush to cover up with the content. This book has also discussed job specific interviews like programming jobs and gaming jobs. The last chapter “final thoughts” is a thought provoking chapter. The book has covered the entire hiring process and by the time the reader is through with the book will realize the reasons how this companies get the cream of people who are always to undertake challenges and love innovation.