The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success (Touchstone Books) By Nicholas Lore – Book Review

This book is based on the strong belief and established principle that until and unless one’s love his profession or has complete job satisfaction will not be able to excel or succeed in that field. This is one of the best books written on career counseling. The book maintains a friendly tone. While reading one may feel that some good friend who completely understands you is counseling you for a job change. The book will help in doing a deep self examination and will help in find out what exactly we want in life. This book will mainly help you in overcoming the fear factors whiling thinking about switching to a new job. This book will equip the reader with a positive outlook, tools and techniques to find the right path in selecting the job which suits you the best. This book is definitely going to changes your outlook towards your working environment. This book itself is a challenge but if you are willing to take this challenge and explore the methods, practice the techniques and follow the exercise then it will some significant changes that will change your world for rest of your life. This book will show the reader a way to come out of the comfort zone of the existing work environment and make a change to learn something new. As you turn pages of this book it will force you to think about the various forgotten talents which were lost in the process of doing stereotyped works.

This book will be a perfect piece of reading of parents who are concerned with the future of their children’s career. Many times parent waste money and time without the proper understanding of their youngster’s needs and interest level. This book will be very helpful people involved in career coaching or counseling. This book will be of great help to a new entrant to sort out the dilemma of choosing from the numerous opportunities available.  The topic may look simple but most of the authors increase its complexity. This book has approached the subject in a very intelligent and systematic manner. The author has very well understood and accepted the complexity, uniqueness and inconsistency in human behavior while writing this book.  The author has taken care of all the odds and addressed everything in a positive way. The book has given different human parameters for selecting a job rather than the factors like making an earning or seeking a higher position. The book has foreseen the future. It’s running ahead of other book available in the market on the same topic. This will awake the hidden spirits inside you and will inspire you to cherish a dream job which was your ultimate aim when you had not been started thinking about a job in economic perspective.  The words of wisdom of the author will guide to a path of intelligent thoughts which will make the journey itself very interesting witnessing continuous development and moving towards a destination of  self satisfaction and professional excellence.