Therapist Job Description

Therapy is the process of treating the problems related to both physical and mental health. A person who performs this treatment process is known as the therapist. People who are having any mental or physical disabilities are treated by the therapists. They will have to deal with children and elder people. They make the people to participate in various activities so that they could change their mood quite easily.  These disabilities may be there from birth or may be caused by accidents, aging and by various other diseases. These therapists help in improving the ability and self confidence of their customers. The duration of the treatment programs vary, on the basis of the clients requirements.

The basic duties of a therapist include the following 1) he/ she should gather details about the problem, a person is facing through queries and interviews 2) he should provide necessary methods for correcting a person’s behaviour like, modification in behaviour, and management of stress 3) should examine the client properly to identify whether he/she is having any mental or physical problems 4) discuss with psychiatrist and gather his ideas and implement these ideas 5) check for the changes in the patients who are under treatment 6) should discuss the condition of a client with his/ her parents or family.

The candidate should be a graduate in occupational therapy or else should complete post graduation in any one of the subjects like psychology, sociology, biological science and medical science. An experience of two years in any health care sectors will improve the probability of a person getting into the job. Educational qualification and experience alone will not help you pass, but need some basic characters like 1) patience 2) ability to influence 3) decision making ability 4) should be eager to know about a person’s condition. Proper trainings, under the control of experienced personals, are provided to the fresh candidates so that they can gain knowledge from the experienced people. The opportunities in this field are increasing day by day. They are appointed in many clinics for providing counselling to people like 1) drunkards and drug consumers 2) physically disabled people 3) mentally retarded people. The pay scales of these therapists are good but it may vary on the basis of the experience and the validity of the license he/she has, in order to work as a therapist.  People who are having very good interest in social works can join this sector without any doubts.