Toddler Teacher Job Description

The one who teaches the infants and toddlers are called as toddler teacher. The minimum qualification required for a toddler teacher is a graduation from high school. They must have the ability to communicate with the infants and toddler, parents and also with the other staff too. They should care the children in a very appreciable manner. They should take care of the necessities of the children. And also they should maintain effective working relationship with children as well as the parents. It’s the duty of the teacher to provide a parental care to the children. They should have the capacity to identify and lighten up the talents which are hidden in a child and should work hard for the overall development of the children.

 The nature of this work is determined hourly and annually based on the need of program and the availability of fund. In most of the cases the staff and student ratio will be 1:4, which means that each teacher has take care of four children. It’s also the duty of the teacher to make the parents to involve in the development procedure of the children. Without the support of the parent they can’t able to do anything in the case of child. It is because the basic development of the children should be taken from their family.  The toddler teacher is responsible for the progress of self esteem, trust and growing sufficiency. It’s the duty of a teacher to prepare and provide lessons according to the interest of the children. Their interest should be taken as prime priority. They should able to develop an active learning environment so that the students can interact easily with them as well as their parents.

It’s the duty of the teacher to make necessary details regarding the physical condition of the children under their care. For carrying out all the above functions the teacher should also need some sort of abilities. They must have wide range of knowledge to clarify the doubts of the children and they should not be physically challenged persons. They must have the ability to see at normal distances, hear normal distance conversation and sound, and also they must have the ability to lift the infant and toddler. The teacher should also take care of the daily update of the children regarding their mental and physical stamina. They should motivate the children to carry out good habit and to follow good manners.