Toxicologist Job Description

Present situation in the world is alarming, since harmful chemicals and radioactive materials are exposed to the environment. This may cause dangerous diseases to both humans and animals. So it is necessary to check the toxicity of materials which are opened to the atmosphere. This is done by a toxicologist. A toxicologist is a person who conducts experiments on chemicals and other radioactive materials to find whether it may cause any harm to the living beings. Many industries like chemical plants, oil refineries, and other industries discharge the waste materials to open area or into water bodies. So it is necessary to carry out treatment process on the waste products of the industries before discharging it into water bodies like sea and rivers.

The basic activities of a toxicologist include 1) identifying the presence of any toxic or radioactive materials in environment 2) identifying the changes which are taking place in animals by conducting experiments on them, by using the harmful materials 3) should find out the effect of this toxicity and taking necessary safety measures 4) reports and papers are prepared about their studies and present it to  the respective people for example in forensic work, the evidence is submitted in court 5) provide necessary measures for reducing the effect of these toxicity. There are mainly four types of toxicologist. And they include 1) Occupational toxicologist 2) Academic toxicologist 3) Forensic toxicologist 4) Industrial toxicologist. Occupational toxicologist works for health and safety organisations and check whether a company follows the rules and regulations put forward by them. Academic toxicologist works for universities and help in teaching the students. Forensic toxicologist works for the government and mainly deals with drugs and other cases. Industrial toxicologist works for industries like Oil Company, chemical company and other industries. They check the toxicity of the waste materials of these industries and takes necessary actions for reducing the toxicity before it is being discharged.

The educational qualification plays a vital role in screening the candidates who apply for the job.  A candidate should complete degree course in toxicology in order to become a toxicologist. They should also have good knowledge in subjects like biology and chemistry.  In addition to these requirements they are provided with proper training under the control of experienced people. This training period may vary from two to three years. During the training periods they work as the member of experienced team and they will be given proper ideas regarding their work. Great openings are available in this field.