Trade helper Job Description

Trade helper is the one who are helping skilled labors while performing the works related to electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating and other trading works. Their work includes the daily checking of the repair works under the supervision of skilled senior laborers and thereby they can acquire more experience which may lead to excellent independent judgement of the work. The main duties and responsibilities of a trade helper include installing electric wire, plumbing ducts, pipes and fixtures, checks and test meters, relays and heating and air conditioning equipment. If a worker is doing an electrical work then the job of the trade’s helper is to assist the electrician to do works like installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring and apparatus.

In short a trade helper has to perform related works as required. The minimum qualification needed for a trade helper is graduation from a standard vocational or high school or otherwise any equivalent combination of training and experience. They should also some minimum knowledge about the materials, machines, tools and other sort of equipment needed for their work. With the help of experience they can improve their knowledge and thereby they can change their position from an assistant to the senior post. In all trades they need trade helper for assisting their job. A helper need to study the common and most typical task of the given job so that he able to assist his senior in a more effective way.

Commonly, the helper is appointed to assist the journey worker who works with and instructs the helper in performing duties common to the trade. New tasks are given with detailed instruction and detailed review of the task to be performed. The daily task is done without much supervision after they pick up the lessons of their job. As soon as they learned the basics of their job, they are provided with much more complicated task according to their experience. Promotion to higher level depends purely on the basis of their performance and the completion of job within a given period of time. Mainly trade helpers are allocated depends upon two factors which are, their performance at training level at the trade and the duty must be performed under the supervision of a senior level trade supervisor. Some specialties needed for them are usage of hand and power tools, repair works in a trade, assembling the materials and equipment needed for the completion of given task.