Traffic Technician Job Description

Traffic technicians are those who gather details regarding the density of traffic in a particular area at a particular time. They also collect information about the accidents happening in an area and take necessary actions for correcting these problems. They perform this job by providing necessary traffic signals, proper lights and traffic signs. They need to work for satisfying the people’s needs. Different functions are there to be performed by these traffic technicians and this includes 1) should have proper contact with the people 2) should clear traffic related doubts, of the people 3) quick respond to complaints 4) should check the traffic flow and accident rate in an area and should necessary actions to reduce these accidents 5) should have good knowledge about the factors affecting the traffic like signs, lightnings and visibility of markings 6) prepare records and other graphs in order to justify his conclusion 7) should set the speed limit and traffic signals.

The functions of the traffic technicians are as described earlier in addition to this they should also poses some features or skills for performing their job in a proper manner. Some of them are; should be able to understand written sentences which are related to their work, should give attention to the people and understand their problems regarding traffic should know about the reactions of other people and identify the reason for their actions.

The basic educational qualification required for becoming a traffic technician is that, he/she should posses a bachelor’s degree. Some of them don’t need this bachelor’s degree, the selection criteria for such kind of people is entirely different. The candidates should have work experience of two to four years, in related fields. The candidates, even if they are having work experience, they are trained under the control of experienced staff members. Studies shows that there is an increase in the demand for this job so more number of people is getting selected as traffic technicians. Traffic technicians will be promoted to higher levels of job as their working experience increases. They usually need to work for about 40 to 45 hours a week.  This job can provide enough earnings for the candidates since there is continuous increase in the pay scale for this job. The candidates who are interested to join this job can apply for the basic test, which is a selection criterion, conducted by the civil service commissions. So those who are clearing these exams can join the government service.