Transcriptionist Job Description

Transcription is a process of converting a recorded speech into its written form. This is a type of data entry process in which one person listen to the recorded speech and then write it into written form. They uses special software and for performing these transcription process. The person who performs this function is known as transcriptionist. These transcriptionist works in different fields, for example there are medical transcriptionist, court transcriptionist, freelance transcriptionist and general transcriptionist.

Medical transcriptionist is a person who performs the transcription process, which converts the speech dictated by a physician or a doctor into written format. They are also known as MT and also as Medical Language Specialist (MLS).  Medical transcribers are equipment which is used for the transcription process. These people help in converting the recorded details of the patients into written format. These details or speech may be recorded in a cassette. The basic educational qualification for this job is, should complete the diploma programs. They should complete a minimum of two years of MT training. These medical transcriptionists should have the following skills 1) should have excellent typing skills 2) should have good communication skills 3) ability to read and understand written sentences 4) should know to use equipments like computer and type writer 5) should have basic knowledge about medical terminologies. The basic duties and responsibilities of these medical transcriptionists are 1) they should properly transcribe the details of the patients like name and other records 2) should maintain a transcription log 3) deal out transcribed report and collects tapes for transcription 4) they performs the quality check 5) should maintain the disk which is given for transcription.

Legal transcriptionist are just similar to the medical transcriptionist, they need to transcribe the legal documents and other data. They mainly listen to the people who deals with law and transcribes these data into reports. Just similar to the medical transcriptionist the legal transcriptionist should also complete the basic criteria. They should complete the diploma course and should have good typing skills. These transcriptionists have basic idea about the legal rules of the respective nation.

The opportunities of these jobs are increasing and more people are placed as transcriptionists. The basic pay scales of these people are good enough to lead a good life in the society. The average pay scale for a medical transcriptionist is around $ 40,000 per annum while for a legal transcriptionist is around $ 45,000. These figures show that, these transcriptionists are paid well