Trauma Nurse Job Description

Trauma nurses are the nurses who are specialized in emergency care. They concentrate only on serious issues. In case of a normal nurse, they will take care of the patients who come with diagnosis. But the trauma nurse has to take care of the patient who actually doesn’t know what their problem is. So this type of nurse is more important in medical field. They should be always in contact with the patients in the emergency department. These nurses must be highly talented, so that they can handle any type of critical situations. They should be fast, accurate at physical examination, early identification of hazardous illness or injury, experience in handling advanced machinery for treatment.

They are very useful for law enforcement, as they handle and care critical situations like rape victims, drunken driving or any other drug abuse cases. In such type of cases they must take care of the patient as well as they should collect maximum evidences for the corresponding case. These types of nurses are mostly working at the intensive care units or otherwise at the emergency ward. A trauma nurse plays different types of roles which can be categorized as clinical role, administrative role, professional and public education, performance improvement and public safety and lastly the research. The qualification needed to become a trauma nurse is diploma in emergency or trauma nursing. It s a one year course consisting of two semester. The diploma in emergency trauma consist of the following modules , they are health care management , pharmacology, trauma nursing practice , HIV/AIDS care , ethos and professional practise , health care and the law.

The main duties of such type of nurses are giving care to the patients facing critical situation, managing critical procedures, quick thinking and act, handling complex and difficult situation and finally operating the health care machines. A trauma nurse should be available in any critical situation, that’s why they are always available in ambulance, cruise ships, helicopters, urgent care centers, sports area or any other field in which an emergency may occur. It’s also their duty to educate the public about the health and safety measures. The salary of a trauma nurse may differ according to the area they are concentrating on, practice and the size and the resources of the hiring institution. The basic pay of these trauma nurses is good enough.