Truck Drivers Job Description

People who earn money for fulfilling their basic needs by driving heavy vehicles like tipper, and trailers is known as truck drivers. They mainly perform the transportation of raw materials and finished products from one place to another. They should also check or examine the vehicle they drive, for any mechanical or engine problems which affect the truck. There are mainly different types of drivers and they are Owner-operators, Company drivers and Independent Owner-Operators. Records of the transported goods are being kept by these drivers.

Owner-operator drivers either own their own trucks or they rent trucks from any truck’s owner and make a contract for transporting materials with the company. These kinds of drivers are independent drivers and they get the profit from these trucks. Company driver works for a company. These drivers are paid by the company owners. These drivers always keep in contact with the base. Independent Owner-Operators have the right to transport goods and they usually drive their own truck. These kinds of drivers may be having two or more trucks.

These truck drivers works under different categories and this include Dry van, Auto haulers, Boat haulers, Bullrack, Vocational drivers, Interstate drivers, Team drivers, Regional drivers, reefer drivers, Dry Bulk Pneumatic, and LTL drivers. Dry van drivers use large trailers for carrying indestructible goods. They usually perform these hauling processes through highways. Auto haulers drive special trailers which is very large in size and which is capable of carrying many number of cars in it. Boat haulers as the name suggest they mainly carry large boats and yachts by a special kind of trailer. The size of the trailer can be varied on the basis of the size of the boat. Bull rack drivers drive animals like cows, goat, and sheep in their trucks. Vocational truck drivers mainly drive garbage trucks and cement mixers. Interstate drivers have to drive great distances for getting their wages. In these cases there may be assistants to accompany the driver. Team drivers need to travel long distances which would take about weeks for reaching their destination. Here there will be two drivers and they drive their trucks on shift basis. Dry bulk pneumatic drivers carry sand, gravels and cement. These trucks have provisions for unloading the goods and for this they use compressed air for lifting the load carrier. LTL drivers usually perform the function of transporting goods in local area. It is compulsory to have an heavy license for becoming a truck driver.