UNIX Administrator Job Description

We know that there has been a rapid development in the field of computer networking and system administration. An UNIX administrator who is also known as the system administrator is the key person who controls UNIX based system advance, makes changes in UNIX operating system and other programs. They mainly concentrate on designing, installing, maintaining and configuring the UNIX server systems. These administrators perform or concentrate on certain programs like business application program and database administration program, along with the network engineers. They should have good knowledge about the UNIX system programs and they should have the ability introduce policies that sustain a UNIX processing environment.

The basic duties of an UNIX administrator includes 1) adding and removing software 2) adding and removing users 3) adding and removing hardware 4) auditing security 5) performing backups 6) troubleshooting 7) monitoring the system to ensure correct operations and 8) documentation. Most of the cases UNIX administrators need to work for 40 hours a week but in certain critical conditions like, problem with server warrants his presence in office at any time even at mid night. They can distribute their job to other administrators or UNIX specialists. they should poses certain skills in order to excel in their career and they are 1) should have good customer service skills 2) should analyze and clear the problem within a small period of time 3) should be self-motivated and detail oriented 4) they should also have good communication skills.

The basic educational qualification required by a person to become an UNIX administrator is, he should complete his bachelor’s degree in computer science or else should have an experience of four years in any related fields. There are also certain institutions and vocational schools which provide training for the candidates so that they can work as a UNIX administrator. The candidates without experience are given special training by the company, and the training duration may vary from six months to one year. Some of the multinational companies ask the candidates to sign an agreement and the candidates should work for that company as per the agreement. They are given less salary during their training period and their pay increase after they become permanent staff. The openings in this field are increasing daily. Every computer based company requires UNIX administrator for their proper functioning so these companies provide good chances for the candidates. Basically an UNIX administrator gets a salary around $70,000 per annum.