UNIX Developer Job Description

Set of software which is used to manage a computer system is known as Operating Systems. UNIX is an operating system which requires various programming process in order to complete the needs of an organization. UNIX developers are those who are capable of understanding these programs. These developers should have knowledge in UNIX administration and also in programming.  A variety of knowledge is required by these developers because the UNIX works on a variety of platforms. They should have certain technical and non technical skills. Technical skills include knowledge in certain programming languages. These systems may include Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and BSD. The main programming languages include C, C++, and Java. Recent trends have shown that most of the companies have combined the work of UNIX developer and UNIX system administrator. The main responsibilities of an UNIX developer includes 1) should maintain technical documentation and procedures for UNIX system 2) should troubleshoot UNIX systems 3) should optimize its performance and correct the problems 4) should program the UNIX system using UNIX scripting language.

There are some criteria for becoming a UNIX developer in any company. Candidates will have to fulfill these criteria for becoming an UNIX developer. Candidates having their bachelor’s degree either in computer science or information technology can apply for this job. Since this is an important job, in the sense that the competition for this job is increasing daily, the companies prefer well educated candidates. There are also certain schools and other organization which provide certificate for the students. This certification will help in getting an increased in their basic pay. UNIX group is providing information regarding the certification in their website. Highly experienced UNIX developers are interested in working as independent employers. They mainly concentrate in helping the company’s works which require UNIX system integration and changes. Such kind of UNIX developers get their wages on the basis of number of hours they spend on this. Their wages range from $70 to $130 per hour.

It is clear that the salary for this job is good, which makes more people to think of becoming UNIX developer. The average salary for this job is about $90,000 per annum. As there is development in technology in computer field, there will be a decline in the job opportunities in this field. Experience and having knowledge in many programming languages can easily get you a job even at the time decline in this job.