Validation Engineer Job Description

Every industries and companies are having many machines and other equipments for their proper functioning. These equipments should be maintained in a proper manner. A validation engineer or validation technician performs the function of checking these machines, processes and equipments for its validation criteria which consist of clarity and security of the production process of a company. They mainly help in calibrating the equipments and making the results in the production of high quality products. These validation engineers check whether the equipments in a company is functioning properly or not. They mainly concentrate on sectors like automobile, aerospace, computer software and pharmaceutical industries. They also have certain responsibilities like 1) creating a budget for the equipments 2) purchasing of equipments 3) carrying out the testing process 4) heads the validation process. So it is clear that the primary job of the validation engineer is testing. They should keep the results for later examination. On the basis of their check, they will have to decide whether they need to change the equipment or just repair it. They should also help in performing preventive maintenance and maintenance of testing equipments.

These engineers should poses some skills like 1) should read and understand written sentences and paragraphs in the documents which is related to his /her job 2) should have good listening so that he can give his attention towards what others say 3) should use scientific methods for solving problems 4) should properly manage time so that he /she could finish the job within the specified period of time 5) should help others to perform their job in a proper manner 6) they should motivate the people who are working with them. The candidates who are having a bachelor’s degree can apply for the job. Some companies prefer candidates with work experience in this field. As many companies use many types of equipment in their inventory, it is necessary to validate their equipments. So the chances are more. They should have good knowledge in statistics, maths and programming. The experience required vary on the basis of the company on which a person is applying for job.

The chances in this field are increasing and more number of people are placed in this field. They are getting a good amount as salary for the work they do. According to surveys the annual income of a validation engineer is about $ 90,000 per annum.