Various tips to use your Contact List

Every person who is on the search of a job for himself takes the help of internet employment sections of different newspapers and even bulletin boards. But one must also make use of his list of people in the warm contacts. It could be possible that such people in the warm contacts may have more information on the job opportunities which however may not be available in different job advertisements. Even if such people are not aware of different job opportunities there are possibilities that they may have people close to them who would probably have information regarding different vacancies available in different kind of jobs. Thus there are chances of getting information with respect to his field of interest. This process of utilizing one’s warm contacts for getting information from their other contacts is known as networking.

There are people who often hesitate to make use of such networking. It is mainly because most of them consider that information got through such networking cannot be completely relied upon. There are chances of that information turning to be false. While there are few others who believe networking to be more difficult in searching a job than other resources like internet, newspapers, etc. But most of the people do not know that it is easy for them to get useful information for searching jobs of their interested areas by simply meeting or speaking through phone to their warm contacts. And if it happens that that particular person in the warm contact is coming from the same field of your interest then there are more chances that you may be the first to know about any job opportunity that may occur in such areas and that you may be provided with the most important information regarding the company or the industry.

It is interesting to know that even if a person does not want to be associated with networking he becomes a part of such networking.  For example when a person comes across a job opportunity then he may first contact his friends and other persons whom he is very close to, about such a job and the company. Thus unknowingly he becomes a part of the networking. It is always good to have the list of warm contact so that at times of necessity one can rely on it. It can also help a person to decide as to whom he must call first when he faces difficulty in searching better job opportunities for him. Such people would most probably be able to give more direct and new information on which we could depend without any doubts. One can even contact them through phone about their search of jobs and also regarding the kind of job they are interested in. In such cases it would be good if they give their contact number and a copy of their resume as well. This may certainly come with positive results. Before making a call or meeting the warm contact it would be better if the person in search of a job prepares himself to tell the warm contact about his qualities, qualifications, interests, and outlook. Thus they must be able to give any information even about their previous job, if there was any, about themselves to the warm contacts if it is asked. If much information was not received from the warm contacts then they could be asked for their other contacts.

A minimum of two referrals could be asked and not more than that as it may create a feeling in their mind that they are being completely depended on for such information. The contact number of the two referrals can be obtained and if possible enquire about the most convenient time to call them for getting such information. It is advisable that such referrals should be contacted as early as possible. When such referrals are being contacted one must keep in their mind that when they are contacted the matter must be presented in a most simple way and with a polite manner. In order to take the full advantage of networking one requires to be more prepared and understanding.