VB Developer Job Description

Visual basic was introduced by Microsoft in the year 1991. This visual basic is quite easy to use and learn. The person who knows to use this is known as Visual Basic developer. Visual Basic is a third generation event-driven programming language. The main speciality of Visual Basic is that it provides graphical user interface (GUI) and enables the user to contact database. This language is actually formed by making slight modifications or changes in Basic languages. Any beginner can use this language because it is user friendly when compared with other languages. The basic responsibilities performed by these visual basic developers are 1) should do functions like documenting, testing, designing, coding, installing and maintaining custom applications 2) should work to improve technical knowledge 3) should create forms and reports by the help of Crystal Reports 4) should work for achieving or attaining the desired goals 5) should properly manage time, updating work orders, providing status reports.

It is not easy to become a Visual Basic Developer; there are certain selection criteria which need to be fulfilled by the candidates who are applying for the job. The educational qualification required for becoming a VB developer is that he should complete his/ her degree course in related subjects. Some of these companies also consider certain technical knowledge as selection criteria. These technical requirements include 1) they should have good knowledge about object oriented languages 2) should be capable to understand data normalization concepts and structured programming methods 3) should have work experience in languages like ASP.NET, MS-Visual FoxPro, MS-SQL Server, and MS Visual Basic 4) they should also have experience with Crystal Reports, MS-Visual Source Safe, OCX, ODBC and OLE concepts. Experience of a person improves the probability of getting the job. Most of the companies are not ready to take new or fresh candidates, so more chances are there for experienced people. But in certain cases companies are ready to provide training for fresh candidates and they ask the candidates to sign an agreement. This agreement will help the company to use the skills of these candidates for longer period of time. Those who are breaking the agreement, which had been made with the company, should pay a compensation for the company. It is clear that one can make enough savings or lead a good life by joining as a VB developer. The average salary of a Visual Basic developer is around $ 90,000 per annum.