Veterinarian Job Description

Veterinarians work for the well-being of animals. They help in recognizing and treating diseases of animals. They usually take care of small pets like dogs, kittens and birds. Some of them mainly concentrate on controlling the diseases caused to large animals like sheep, horses and cows. Veterinarians examine animals and find the cause and nature of disease, then takes necessary action for curing it. They perform surgery and other necessary actions like covering wounds for any wounded animal. They have got the guts to risk their life for treating these animals. Most of these veterinarians get wounded or bitten by these animals. They help the farmers and other cattle owners by providing information regarding food, vaccination, breeding and management of livestock. They not only worry about animals but also consider the health of humans. People, who own animals like dogs, cows and cats, are exposed to harmful diseases like rabies and anthrax. So they always prefer the pets to be vaccinated. Veterinarians also perform food inspection and decrease the probability of causing diseases like Brucellosis. This disease is caused by the consumption of unsterilized milk or meat by humans. This is a contagious disease which can be transmitted from one person to other through sexual contact or from mother to her young ones. Some of the Veterinarian s works with roentgen rays and radioactive equipment for the treatment of diseases and they are known as Veterinary Radiologist. Usually veterinarian works in a veterinary hospital but in some cases they have to travel distances in order to treat animals. Some of these veterinarians work for wild life organization and some of them labor for zoos. Even though it is unsafe, it will be an exciting job for those who love and care animals.

The Veterinarian should have a license which is accepted by the government of the state, where he works. For obtaining this license he/she should have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and this should be from an affiliated College or University.  Those who are interested in research and teaching jobs should posses a master’s or Ph.D.  This is a fast growing field since most of the people are having pets and they are ready to pay more for caring these animals. Some factors which helped in improving the demand for veterinarians include development of new methods of breeding and public health and disease control.  Most of the experienced veterinarians start their own clinics by investing money for purchasing office and equipments. They are free to do their job even after their retirement without any restrictions. This profession is not meant for money, this is actually a social work.