Veterinary Technician Job Description

Veterinary technicians are those who help or assist a veterinary doctor. It is not easy for the veterinarian to perform their works without the help of veterinary technician. They are also designated as veterinary assistant, veterinary nurse and veterinary technologist. They perform surgeries and other minor treatments under the control of a veterinary doctor. They mainly do lab tests for identifying the diseases caused to an animal. Veterinary technicians also perform the function of checking cracks and other fractures by taking X-rays. They mainly deals with small animals like mouse, rat, cat and some of the birds but some of them mainly concentrate on the treatment of other animals like cows, sheep and goats. A few of them treat both small and large animals. They may have to work in extremely dangerous conditions. They will have to clean the cages of animals and need to go near these animals for treating them. So they may get bitten or hit by these animals. Veterinary technicians will have to take good care while dealing with these animals. It is a good job for animal lovers. They may have to work in a noisy nature. In most of the veterinary clinics and hospitals the veterinary technicians will work for twenty four hours a day, mainly on a shift basis.

A veterinary technician should complete two year degree course from an affiliated college or university and should have a minimum of two years experience. The veterinary degree is not the only criteria for starting their practice; they should also have a valid license for starting their work. The opportunity in this field is increasing from day to day. It is not easy for common people to become a veterinary technician. The people who are planning to become a veterinary technician should posses the following characteristics and they are 1) should have an age above 18, 2) should be an animal lover, 3) should be calm enough to deal with animals, 4) should have an 2 years of experience, 5) communication skills should be good enough 6) physical condition of the person should be good enough to carry animals. Another important work of veterinary technician is to collect and record the details of the animals they are treating. These technicians can apply for government jobs by attending test and they can also join private clinics. Even though it is a social work, the pay scale for this job is good.