Waiting Staff Job Description

Waiting staffs are people who take care of the customers coming to a restaurant or hotels. It is quite difficult to do this job since they need to take care of more than one customer at a time. In small hotels there will be less number of waiting staff while in large hotels it is much more, but this number is just a few when compared with the number of customers reaching there. The most important part of the work is to get the order for the customer and to check whether the customers are comfortable with the service. Male waiting staff is usually designated as waiters while female as waitress.

The main duties of a waiting staff include arranging the table and chairs for the customers, cleaning the table before and after the meals, collecting orders for meals from the customers, serving water and other things. They usually wear a uniform which is provided by the hotel or restaurant management. There will be a person for controlling these waiting staffs and he is known as the head server. There are staffs known as bus persons who help the waiters by taking the vessels and other plates from the tables and cleaning it for the next customers. In some motels these waiting staffs will have to carry customer’s luggage.

The educational qualification for the waiting staff is that he/she should complete his/her schooling i.e. they should pass 10th standard. The person who is working as a waiting staff should be the citizen of the respective nation and should submit the proof for this before starting joining. They should also have certain skills in order to get selected as a waiting staff and this include 1) should know to use equipments like vacuum cleaner and washing machines 2) he should be able to speak, write and understand the English language 3) should be physically fit and should be capable of carrying a load of 25 pounds 4) should show good hospitality to the customers. He should also participate in the staff meeting and should convey the complaints of the customers to the higher levels of management. This can be done as a part time job, so this will be good for the students. Some of the people are working as permanent staffs in various hotels. The basic pay for these people is good and along with the pay they get tips from the customers for the work they are doing.