Water Quality Technician Job Description

Water quality technicians are those people who conduct tests and check the condition of water which is being consumed or used by the people. They mainly carry out this process by using a water treatment plant. They perform this by using certain tools like gauges and other systems. They also perform the maintenance of water treatment equipments. They should check the condition of water and use certain chemicals to make the water edible. The main functions of water quality technicians include 1) should keep the record of the test results 2) should make graphs and other reports to justify the test results 3) they need to check the waste products from the industries and other things like soil, in order to find out the pollutants which causes the pollution 4) a study is carried out on the results and discuss the results with higher authority 5) should also calibrate the instruments used.

Water quality technician should know how to take readings and should also know the calibration process for these instruments. He should know details about the chemicals which are used for the treatment of water. Water Quality technician must have good ability to listen; so that he can work by listening to the treatment plant operator even it is working.  These plants may be under the control of government and there are plants which are used for private use. The candidates should complete their high school education for becoming water quality technician. But now a day they are preferring candidates who have completed their graduation in water treatment. Experienced candidates are given more preference for joining the job. Knowledge which they obtain from the previous experience will help the water quality technicians to excel in their job,

There is an increase in industries which perform or engaged in manufacturing processes which lead to the production of large amount of waste materials. So it is necessary to treat these wastes before discharging it to the open water bodies like seas and rivers. So industries require the service of water quality technician. And government also require the service of these technicians for checking the water from water bodies into which the waste materials are dumped. So the chances in this field are increasing daily. The pay scale for this job is good and they are promoted on the basis of their performance. So we could conclude that this job will provide good chance for the candidates to achieve a good life