Web Developer Job Description

We are familiar with many of the websites of different companies. Each and every company and other organizations have their own web page. This page gives a basic idea of such companies. So web developers are people who mainly concentrate on updating the web page. Updating the web page means changing the entire appearance of the web page, this include changing the contents and graphics in the web page. These web developers mainly work for the Information Technology based companies and also for the marketing companies. They mainly perform the function of translating the business ambitions as matters used for campaigning. This will help the people to know about the products and other services of the company. These web developers mainly work with programming languages for creating application and contents of the web page. They also have showed their presence in the administration of search engine accession and in other marketing programs. Web developers should know the modern technologies introduced into this field. 1) Testing and debugging error pages 2) documenting usability issues 3) analyzing application solutions and 4) update the web page are some of the main functions of these web developers. These developers should be dependable and inventive and should complete the work within the specified period of time i.e. they should properly manage time.

The candidates who are willing to work as a web developer should complete their bachelor’s degree either in information technology or in computer science. Some companies also prefer people who had completed their any courses related to this field. These educational qualifications alone will not help them to become a web developer so they should have some skills too. They should have good work experience in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. They are also aware about Internet Browsers. They should also have good communication and writing skills which is a common criterion for any job. Some of the companies look for experienced candidates to join their team.

Surveys have shown that there will be a hike in the job opportunity in this field by 2018. The companies will have to use modern internet technologies in order to compete with their competitors, so they always require the service of these web developers. The candidates, who satisfy the criteria which are specified above, will be easily placed. They are paid with a good amount as their salary. The basic pay for a web developer is around $ 70,000 per year.