Webmaster Job Description

A webmaster is a person who is responsible for the maintenance of the websites. They play an intermediary role between the company’s customers, suppliers, employees. They mainly use standard designs for updating the contents in websites. Sometime these webmasters are also considered as web designer but there is difference in their functions. These webmasters will have to observe, recover and modernize the live web sites. These webmasters should know about their client’s business. On the basis of the business, the webmaster performs their job. Many technical tasks have to be done by these webmasters. So the questions and other doubts of his colleagues need to be cleared by this webmasters. They need to improve their technical knowledge with the introduction of new technical standards in sectors like HTTP, XML, and HTML. Major responsibilities of the webmaster include 1) institute policies and procedure around content management 2) work with developers for creating a user experience 3) should work with management, IT departments and business units 4) should check the server and site performance 5) implementing various search engine optimization process. The maintenance of the website is a frequently carried out process while developing the website is not a routine process. They also check, number of people visiting the site and based on this they make changes to the website.

The basic educational qualification of this job is a degree course in computer science or any other related subjects. They should be technically skilled people, and have knowledge in programming languages like Java and C++. Proper certifications are provided by some organizations. These webmasters mainly perform their work in a modern office and some of them do their work at client’s office. They usually work for eight hours starting from 9 to 5 pm. Since most of the companies have their own web sites, the chances for these webmasters also increase. These openings will be published in news papers, magazines and in internet sites.  A person who is having good computer and internet skills can work as a webmaster. A web master can also become a technical manager or team leader; this depends on his/ her experience. Many candidates their own consulting companies which are aimed at helping other organizations which have websites of its own. The basic pay for these candidates depends on the years of experience they posses. The average salary of the webmaster is about $ 65,000 and as described earlier there will be increase in their pay as the experience increases.