Welder Job Description

 Welders perform the function of joining two or more metal parts by the help of welding equipment. Welding can be used for the maintenance of automobile and aviation industry. It is also used in construction of buildings and bridges. Some of the welders use their welding equipment for the purpose of cutting. They should have good knowledge about the materials they are going to weld together. They may be skilled or not skilled welders. Skilled welders use computerized programs and robots for joining the metals while unskilled welders mainly concentrate on ship building, construction. They should be properly trained to perform the welding process properly. There are different types of welding; they are 1) arc welding 2) gas welding.  Arc welding is a process in which an electric current is passed through the region of joining. This leads to the heating of metals and this heated metals are joined together. Arc welders use electrodes for joining the two materials. These electrodes are of two types and they are consumable and non consumable electrodes. While in gas welding, the welder uses fire from the welding torch to melt the pieces of metals to be joined. Different gases like oxygen and acetylene causes the formation of fire.

Welding can cause many hazardous health problems for the welders. In the olden days, many deaths of welders were reported. Electric arc is used to join the material, so the chance of getting burns is more. Therefore the welders have to wear full sleeve leather coats and gloves for protection. Welding generates bright light which may affect the eyes of the welder very badly and this can cause arc eye. In order to prevent arc eyes the welder should use goggles and welding helmets. Harmful gases are produced during welding, this can cause various diseases like metal fume fever. Proper ventilation should be provided in those areas, where welding is carried out. Arc welders have to face the above specified problems. Use of gas welding increase the chances of explosion since explosive gases are used here. The responsibilities of a welder consist of 1) welder should maintain his work place in a proper manner, 2) welder should use the basic equipments like goggles, gloves for their protection, 3) easy availability of fire extinguishers in the work place. One should complete his high school education for becoming a welder. They also require three to four years of experience in sheet and metal works for becoming a skilled welder.