West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited (WEBEL) – Company Profile

The invention of technology in every walk of life made electronics equipment an indispensable part of modern life. Electronic devices are widely used everywhere from household equipment to most modern interior designed offices. Electronics study is a prominent branch of engineering students and various other independent electronic courses are available all over the country. In many Indian states government extends its aid to improve the production of electronic goods by promoting electronics industry. The initiatives and development programs of the state of West Bengal is a landmark and a great achievement of Government of India in the promotion in electronic sector.

In the year 1974 State Government of West Bengal with Central government guide lines and instructions started West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation. WEBEL started its venture in the manufacturing of electronic parts and components of electronic goods. The production of quality components and its increased demand made them to focus on the manufacturing of electronic equipments. West Bengal Government’s prestigious Taratala Industrial estate and Salt lake complex are the electronics infrastructural divisions of WEBEL.  The E-governance program “Wide Area Network is the foundation of India Government’s E-governance program. WEBEL has also taken steps for the development of rural areas through the information and technology. E-governance program ‘optical fiber network’ and wide area network are the popular WEBEL projects in the electronics industry. Another contribution by WEBEL is the introduction of IT literacy in high schools in Kolkata. In association with IBM WEBEL has introduced IT literacy in high schools and higher secondary schools. WEBEL has launched Toonz webel academy exclusively for animation projects.

The manufacturing of Quartz crystals, black and white picture that have a rare availability, studio and broadcasting equipments, carbon and metal film resistors, Thyristor controlled AC drives are other high demanded products of WEBEL.

The tele –education and tele medicine are other innovative ventures of WEBEL. The Tele –education system mainly focus on educating the rural population in electronics and IT. The web based communication concentrate on creating more job opportunities from the rural and extreme remote area. In the area tele-medicine WEBEL has introduced for the very time in the country three referral hospitals and six nodal centers in the districts of Kolkata where quality medical consultation is available. The quality of medical expertise offered in referral hospitals is a highly successful project in the area of health care.

In the field of law and order WEBEL had introduced the system of connecting network in 411 police stations in the districts of Kolkata for tracking criminals and for data collection of crimes. Through this system the law and order in the state is maintained to a controllable level by immediate tracking of criminals and crime suspects in comparison with other crime rates in other states. The visually challenged is also benefited by the projects of WEBEL. The transcription system developed in Braille software is a great advantage for the visually impaired. This software offers automatic Braille Emposer, and electronic tactile reader and audio supported Braille key board in twelve regional languages including Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Oriya, Assameese, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, etc. WEBEL offers institutions to empower themselves to create Braille preparations and materials as and according to the requirement.

For the undertaking of these prestigious ventures WEBEL has been honored several times. National Award for exemplary implementation of E-Governance initiative in the year 2004 and telemedicine project in West Bengal, Special Jury Award in 2006 by FICCI-BAF are the commendable honors given to WEBEL.

WEBEL had created a new dimension in the field of Health care, law and order, entertainment, IT sector and I commercial tax applications through various projects that had great impact not only in West Bengal but also motivated other states in India to follow their footsteps for the building of a better and prosperous nation.