What color is your parachute? 2013 A Practical Manual for Job Hunters and Career Changers by Richard N. Bolles – Book Review

The title of the book may surely surprise the readers. The author of this book is a familiar name when it comes to practical theories related to making a change in career or efficient job hunting. This is a very practical and on ground guide for the job seekers. The author’s in depth knowledge and deep understanding of the job market and psychology of the job seeker as well as the employer has given this book an extra edge from all the other career oriented books in the market. This book will help the readers to cultivate a positive attitude rather than a feeling of having butterflies inside the stomach associated with the word ’interview’. The author and the book has witnessed the forty years of changing trends in American job market. This book has matched the pace with the ever changing job market, work culture and preparing the job seekers to meet the dynamic demands of the employers. The best thing about this book is it has included a detailed discussion on new means of finding of jobs like the electronic media and the internet and the tools like job portals and other services offered on the internet. This book will surely help the reader in making a self assessment to choose a right career. One can be best assured that the systematic strategies suggested by the author in this book can be implemented by individuals and hence this book is a must read for youngsters.

This book has given a very positive approach and a new ray of hope for the reader’s in this competitive employment market. This book has shown the way to the job seeker’s to survive in the volatile American economy where uncertainty is the most consistent element of the job market. The author has beautifully explained in the various survival techniques in the current job market. The prominent factors like attitude, job finding techniques and job creation techniques are elaborately discusses and individual chapters are dedicated to this topics. The strategies discussed by the author will surely help the job seeker in over all development in seeking the right career opportunity in a most efficient way. This will be a perfect guide for those who are involved in imparting training on career development to very young students. This is one of the best updated career guides which will show the technique to cope with the changing technologies in simple steps. The author has given job finding exercises in this book which is very practical to implement in one’s job hunting process. This book will surely help in taking the correct steps, making a strong attitude, selecting the correct profession and projecting themselves as the right candidature for the right job. This book will definitely help in finding a first job for youngsters as well as help the professional to take the dynamic step in changing to a better job. “What color is your parachute” will help in better understanding of self and scope of improvement and achieve success in life.