Wild Life Assistant Job Description

Humans inhabit almost all part of the world, so other living beings like wild animals are loosing their habitat. This caused many wild animals to lose their life and some of them were extinct. So in order to protect these animals many wild life sanctuaries and zoos were started to protect such kind of animals. A person who is responsible for controlling and managing the wild life sanctuaries are known as Wild Life Assistant. It may include national forests, zoos and parks. Some of the basic skills which a wild life assistant require are 1) should have good knowledge about the wild life 2) should have communication skills so that they can communicate with their top level management 3) should have the ability to work in a team. It will be a interesting job for the people who love wild animals. These people are controlled by management supervisor. They need to do outdoor jobs at different weather condition.

Main duties of these wildlife assistants include 1) should trap these animals and rehabilitate them to a safe environment 2) should check whether the habitat provides hygienic conditions for the animals 3) should operate equipments like shovels, saws, lawnmowers and rakes 4) should have the ability to use trucks and loaders 5) should apply pesticides 6) they are also responsible for the maintenance of these equipments 7) should provide a basic idea about the wild life to the people 8) should conduct surveys on wild life 9) should be able to complete his / her within the specified period of time 10) should be able to work even at bad weather conditions 11) they should also maintain buildings and other equipments which are owned by the wild life sanctuary. Along with this they should have good knowledge about wild animals and farming which includes soil preservation. These wild life assistants should be physically fit enough, since he will have to carry items, stand and walk.

A person who has completed his high school education can become a wild life assistant. Educational qualification alone will not fetch you the job, an experience of one year is required for becoming a wild life assistant. Candidates having the ability to identify mammals and mammal tracks and also those who can identify birds, are preferred over the other candidates. These candidates should also have a driving license and should have good communication skills. The chances is increasing daily due to the establishment of many zoos and parks for protecting the wild life.