Wilderness Instructor Job Description

Some people are interested in adventurous activities and they risk their life in order to enjoy in life. There are some trained people who perform these activities with perfection, and they also help the people interested to do it. Such people are known as wilderness instructor. They play a vital role in keeping safety of the people who are participating in such adventures. Young and dynamic can easily become a wilderness instructor. Some of the key features of a wilderness instructor are 1) he should be physically fit 2) should know to build tents and other temporary shelter 3) should be familiar with the area so that need of a map is not mandatory 4) Should know to use boats, canoes, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) and horses 5) should have an effective communication skill 6) should maintain a good relation with the people. These wilderness instructors work as 1) outdoor field instructor 2) adventure trekking leader 3) zip line tour guide. The basic functions of a wilderness instructor include many things and they are should create a physically as well as mentally safe environment for the participants, should check the nature of young people who are participating in it, should have a treatment team for developing the ability of the participants, should give reports regarding the progress of the participants to the treatment team, check utensils or items which are used for performing these adventurous things.

Educational qualification is an important factor for becoming a wilderness instructor. The candidates who are applying for this job should complete their master’s degree. Candidates having the master’s degree in any one of the following subjects, like social work, experimental education, criminal justice, psychology and outdoor recreation can apply for this job. The candidates should also have an experience of one year and should have a proper certification for working as a wilderness instructor, which is provided the government of the respective state. Adventures activities have become an entertainment program for the people, so they are actively participating in such programs. So the opportunities in this sector are increasing and the candidates have more chances for becoming a wilderness instructor. Most of the cases the number of people participating the program will be more in certain season, so more wilderness instructors will be selected during such seasons. These instructors are having good salary for the work they do. They can lead a good and joyful life by joining this venture