Windows 2000 Administrator Job Description

Windows administrators are people who are responsible for the maintenance, configuration and operation of both the hardware and software of systems. They work for introducing new and more innovation in the infrastructure. These windows administrators mainly help in maintaining the windows 2000 operating systems and hardware. They also help in the functions of project teams, which deal with technical issues.

The basic duties of this administrator includes 1) should do the security monitoring which will help in finding out any interruptions 2) should perform certain functions like checking the hardware, daily system check, rechecking the system and check the completion of jobs within the specified period of time 3) accounts of the users are created, deleted and changed by these administrators as per the request 4) regular file archival and wash out are performed whenever it is necessary 5) patch up and recuperate if any hardware or software failure occurs 6) should upgrade operating system and other tools regularly 7) should also maintain the monitoring equipments 8) maintain configuration, operational and other procedures. The basic skills required by these administrator include 1) should be responsible enough to perform the job provided to them 2) should have the ability to solve problems, that is they need to select between two solution whenever it is necessary 3) should have good communication skills so that they can easily communicate with other people 4) should be ready to work in condition that is they may have to work even at evenings and also during weekends.

Skills alone will not get them a job in this field; they should meet certain educational qualification for becoming an administrator. Companies are preferring people who had completed their bachelor degree, which is having 4 years of duration, for this job. Some companies also prefer candidates having a degree in any related subjects. Most of the companies are looking for experienced people. Basically candidates having an experience of two to five years are given special consideration at the time of selection. As there is growth in the field of computer science, the chances for these candidates are increasing daily and most of the candidates are placed as windows administrator. The basic salary is more when compared with other job so the candidates who are joining for these jobs can have a good life by earning more. The average pay for these administrators is around $ 80,000 per annum. This pay scale has made many people to join this field which lead to a sudden increase in competition.