Windows Application Developer Job Description

There are different types of developers; application developer is one such developer who creates some software by the help of different source codes and programming languages. These developers may use different languages and work on different operating systems. A Windows Application developer is one who develops applications which can able to run in windows operating systems. The main aim of the application developer is to create an application which could help the user to perform a particular function in a proper way. They use programming languages like C++, Java or ORACLE for developing such an application. They also perform the maintenance of these applications by carrying out processes like debugging and testing. They usually create an application on the basis of the need for the application that if there are clients or customers prefer the application then these developers create the application. They should have good knowledge about the software development cycle. They should be experts in programming languages such as JAVA, J2EE, C#, Visual Basic, VC++, other tools like ClearCase and many others programs.

The basic duties and responsibilities of an application developer may vary. These variations are caused by the application type, experience level and type of employer. The main duties of these application developers are 1) creating 2) maintaining and 3) implementing the source code which is used for creating the application. They should create the prototype of the application before it is being used. The basic educational qualification for becoming an application developer is that he /she should be a degree holder in subjects like software engineering, computer science. Some companies also prefer people those who are having a degree in math, in such cases the candidate should have experience with computers and other programming.

The opportunities in this sector are improving and more people are selected as application developers in different companies. These companies provide proper training for the selected people in order to improve and utilize their skills to great extent. Thus a candidate who is well experienced can become a project manager or even the director. There are some people who are having their own consultancies which help the companies to create such an application. Everyone can make a good life by working as an application developer. The companies are ready to pay good amount as their salary for the work they do. On the basis of surveys, the average salary of the windows application developer is around $ 90,000.  And it is clear from the survey conducted on 2010 that the salary of these application developers is around 35% greater than the salary for other jobs.